Friday, June 12, 2009

Worth a thousand words


One of my favorite things about my home these days (well the last nearly 5 years) are all the photos hanging on our walls. Before the boys, our walls really only held art pieces and a few pictures of Daddio and I... while they were all lovely, it didn't seem real HOMEY. Then along came the boys, and within a few months our walls were filled with images of OUR FAMILY. I love our walls now, every where I look I'm reminded of an event, a moment, or how tiny they were (or how big they are). A few years ago I started putting together collage frames for each year the boys have been home. It usually has 7 or 8 spots for photo's, and I do my best (with Daddio's help) picking out some wonderful memories from that year... images that are not staged, just us enjoying our life. Last night was no different. I finally found a frame that I really liked to add to our collection, and was inspired to get 2008 up on the wall.

That inspiration led to a few hours of searching through all the pictures, all the trips, all the moments of 2008... and trying to narrow it down to 8 images that really captured that year. By 8:30pm we had completed the task, ordered the pictures (I love online ordering and it being ready for pick up in an hour or less), and soon headed out to pick up the pictures (I'm into instant gratification... no waiting till the next day). Once home from the little trip, I put together the frames... and was quite pleased with the final product!

Now, so many pictures were considered... and so many didn't make the cut (for one reason or another... BOYS, for crying out loud, keep your eyes OPEN!). Below is a picture that didn't make the cut (for a number or reasons), but was an entertaining image that I had long forgotten. So for your viewing pleasure...
Snookie and Daisy:
Notice how they have the same look on their face... almost saying "Why is the [other] in my chair?"

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La Familia said...

That picture cracks me up! And what a great idea for preserving memories.