Friday, June 12, 2009

Giver of Life

I just read a great post over at Blessed Among Men. It's always interesting (and at times annoying) what people will say when they see our family. Much like Suzanne, I have received the comment of trying for a girl, or are you done yet. And much like her comments on her own wedding registry, this life is not what I had picked out eight and half years ago.

Like many women I know, I dreamed of a largish family... I dreamed of being pregnant... I dreamed of their first day of school (walking them preferably)...

I didn't plan on adoption, I didn't plan on infertility being so final, I didn't plan on all boys, I didn't plan on my children being so very close in age, and I definitely didn't plan on homeschooling!

Thank goodness God knew better than me! Thank goodness that God's plan won out over my feeble attempt to plan things. Thank GOD that HIS gifts are far better than anything I could pick!


La Familia said...

Great post! Just a little reflection on my own life would lead me to the same conclusion: God Is So Good!

nicole said...

I loved her post too. I need to work on keeping that mentality on the days I'm feeling overwhelmed.