Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ummm, not sure what direction

to go with this question, dear Snookie.

For as long as I can remember, Snookie will draw or build something, then look at me and ask "What does this look like?"

Now to the rookie, one might take a guess or might respond with another question, "I don't know son, what is it/does it look like?"

The thing is -- he doesn't know, he made it but usually has no idea what it is.

Today is no different. This morning he brought me a Magnetix creation and asked what I thought it was... I had no idea... neither did he. Then just now he held up his paper which he had drawn a blue marker image and asked what I thought it looked like. This one I actually took a guess thinking that this is something he set out to draw (since he told me about the same thing he drew on another page)... my answer, "a bird"... his response, "oh, I thought it looked more like a bat!"

One is never really sure what is rolling around in that Snookie brain!

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La Familia said...

Sometimes I cringe when Pigeon asks me what I think the picture is. But that's because SHE KNOWS what it is so if I'm wrong...