Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year End Review

Wow, this year has flown by (or driven by if you check the odometer on The Beast). It has definitely been a year of progress on the health front of the children.

Bubba was finally diagnosed and treated for his asthma, and has found great relief with his allergy treatment as well. I never thought we could take a camping trip and he not suffer the whole time. While I'm so pleased with his progress, it took a toll on us all this year with the first 9 weeks of the year driving twice a week 50 miles round trip for shots, then we moved to once a week... but thankfully our last appointment, right before Christmas, the doctor moved us to every other week for the duration of the treatment (another 3-4 years). Woohoo, this will make our weekly life and schedule so much easier to manage.

Bobcat went through a lot this year as well, but really has handled it like a champ. At the beginning of the year he went through a battery of tests to check his growth hormone levels. Thankfully that all came back normal... but they found a nutritional marker which led us to a GI. There, after a rather scary biopsy, he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. While it has been a big adjustment both from the dietary standpoint and the financial standpoint, the success he has already shown in just three months is amazing. He has grown 2 inches!!!! This is huge, and we are expecting still more in the coming months!

Snookie... well, nothing really major has happened to Snookie... he's just Snookie. He's Mommy's little boy, but growing up before our very eyes. I still can't believe how far we've come in just 4 1/2 years. When he first came home to us he said less than a handful of words... now he is reading, and when you aren't watching he's quite bright (ahead of his brothers in many ways at this age).

This year also marked a big shift in our sacramental life. Bobcat received his First Communion in February, and in September Bubba began his lessons with Daddio so that he too may receive his First Holy Communion in the spring of 2009! Wow, every Mass I'm amazed as I watch Bobcat take part in the Eucharist... it's one of those moments when you know that you are attaining the goals set for you in your vocation as a parent!

On the homeschooling front... wow, first - second - third grades! I can't believe that I've been homeschooling for 3 1/2 years already. I have to say that this year really has been the gold star of all the years we've been doing this. All in all, the boys have taken this year on with a much better attitude, and we've been able to tweak the areas where we were struggling. Plus Daddio has taken an even more active role with adding Math tutor to his role along with Sacrament Prep! This has been a big help to me, and the boys love having him more involved (and I have a few more ideas for next year that he can take on :-)!

Traveling... wow, this year we had the opportunity to really enjoy the great outdoors. We camped in several locations with RV's, in tents, and even with a group of friends. Then there was the amazing summer beach trip. This year was really special because we were able to spend it with our dear friends, who were very early on in their pregnancy of our godson (who's due oh so soon!).

In summary, this year was filled with struggles, but ultimately was truly wonderful! And next year... well, we have a godson that is to arrive anytime now which means a trip down to visit and attend a baptism. Bobcat's health is supposed to continue to climb! Bubba will make his First Communion. MORE CAMPING, of course. The sky is the limit, really!

So there you have it people, the Llama household is movin' and shakin'! We hope that your year end review is filled with a since of great progress, and that your coming year is filled with grace and great anticipation!

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La Familia said...

The first thing I noticed in that Christmas picture of the boys was Bobcat's height difference but I didn't know if it was possible to see that much progress so soon! I'm so happy for him and for you- words don't do the joy I feel with his progress any justice. Praise God!