Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble gobble...

Some have wondered how Thankgiving went after my grinchy post from a week or so ago... well it went fine for the most part. I did all of my cooking on Wednesday because we were planning on arriving at the hostesses home around 1:00pm(ish) on Thursday and I didn't want the stress of trying to get it all ready in the morning... and boy am I glad that is what I did!

The menu included:
--ham that was glazed with whiskey (distilled is GF) and brown sugar (a la Martha Stewart 2007)
--sweet potatoes with brown sugar and cinnamon
--cherry pie (pictured here)
--chocolate chip cookies

The ham was simple, we've done that before... as well as the sweet potatoes. The pie... well, I've never made a pie before let alone a GF pie. So I picked up a pie crust mix from our friendly GF store (and tried to remember just how the chef did it at the GF support group meeting at the beginning of the month). It was really quite comical how that pie came together... but Daddio was very encouraging and I managed to get it done! Next up, the cookies. I tried earlier in the week before to alter a previous recipe to be GF with disasterous results... so I took the easy way out and opted for a mix here too.

One thing about GF cookies the chef told us is that they have a hard time staying nice and fluffy. The gluten in flour gives the structure to the food you are cooking... so the cookies do get kind of thin (which is really sad because my cookies are usually lovely and fluffy). After all was said and done the cookies were flat but tastey!

If you're wondering about the little shapes on top... yes, I cut those out of the crust... I didn't want to attempt to grid the top... the crust was very unforgiving and these shapes were much easier to deal with!

And the reason I'm glad the work was all finished on Wednesday... well when I woke up on Thursday I felt worse than I had all week... damn this evil cold, I am so ready for it to be GONE!


nicole said...

Your pie is beautiful! I have never made one either. I'm glad everything turned out well. And I hope you are feeling better.

La Familia said...

It looks like it all turned out beautifully! Our Dallas cousins came down for a visit and passed the cold down to Pigeon and her grandma. I'm hoping that I won't catch it, but who am I kidding, her cold hasn't stopped me from drinking out of her glasses. I guess the cold is still incubating. Pigeon seems to be holding up very well, no need for meds yet. Praying that you get over your cold very soon.