Monday, December 22, 2008

Five Christmases

This is our fifth Christmas as parents. Hard to believe!




This year's photo will be forthcoming soon. We tried to get a nice photo of the boys in front of the tree after church on Sunday, but Snookie forgot how to smile, and Bubba kept closing his eyes, afraid of the flash... both of them ended up crying when I tried to correct them. We'll try again after church on Christmas, and mom and dad will be better prepared for photos by then anyway (time to get favorite clothes cleaned, and I need a haircut). So, stay tuned for that. I have a really good flash this year, so they should turn out well if these knuckle heads can make halfway normal faces.

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La Familia said...

Five?! Wow how time flies! And they've all grown up so much. They really are snappy dressers.