Wednesday, November 12, 2008


RedState reports on the US Bishops' threat to close Catholic Hospitals if FOCA requires them to provide certain services, such as abortion, that contradict their moral standards.

One commenter makes a very interesting point:
If you really wanted to drive the US to socialized health care you must first create a crisis that you can pin on some outside source. In this case it would be the Vatican shutting down hospitals because they don't respects a persons "rights".
Welcome to the end around.

I applaud the bishops' firm stance. A similar situation has already taken place wherein Catholic Charities in Massachusetts does not provide ANY foster care or adoption services because they are no longer allowed to discriminate against those suffering from same-sex attraction (i.e, gays). But the idea that this is all part of the Democrats' plan - to use Catholics as an excuse to advance socialized healthcare - is disturbing. It would be a very tense stand-off. Perhaps the Supreme Court will intervene.

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