Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Church and State

I'm on a roll today.

I really liked President Bush's support of faith-based organizations. He understood that the constitution's prohibition of the establishment of an official state religion (such as the Church of England) was in no way intended to ban any public reference to religion, or to refuse to partner with people of faith, with well-established organizations that are already doing good work and operating efficiently. Using tax dollars to promote the common good does not equate to a government "endorsement" of one religion over another. Any non-profit organization that is willing to help people ought to be supported, and ought to be allowed to draw their own lines and, yes, discriminate in order to comply with their own morals.

What liberals do not understand is that without faith, people are not motivated to do good works. Some are, but not all. So let people immerse themselves in whichever faith it is that drives them to be a good citizen, whether it be Christian, Buddhist, pantheist, or atheist. But no, liberals would rather forcibly take from one and give to the other ("spread the wealth") than stay out of the way and allow people to give generously as they see fit.

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