Thursday, November 13, 2008

Practically the Superbowl for little boys...

This morning the boys and I went on our monthly homeschool group field trip. We love these, and I for sure look forward to each month's new location.

This month was a boy jackpot... the Fire Station!!!!!!!!

This particular station recently received a new fire truck which was the hit, I think, of the entire place (sadly no fire pole... but we were invited back when the new location is opened where they will have one). Also, not only are fire feighters/EMT's stationed here... but the local police force uses it as well... and of course there were several there. For our boys that's pretty much the end all be all of uniformed AWESOMENESS!

Ahhh... a successful and fun morning.


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

"end all be all uniformed awesomeness"

Oh that is true! I'll bet they are still flying high!

Bob said...

Boys identify with heroes, thank goodness!