Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Save the... chickens???

Interesting summary of various state propositions.

Happily, the famous Prop 8 "gay marriage" amendment passed in California. Sadly, Prop 4, which would have required parental notification, appears to have failed. We're not talking about parental consent - just notification. Minors can't get their ears pierced or a tattoo without parental consent, or even an aspirin from the school nurse. But an abortion? Sure, why not. They probably got knocked up without their parents' approval. We might as well further distance them from their loving parents and let them further destroy their psyches and souls by killing the baby in private.

At least Arkansas got one right. They banned "unmarried sexual partners" from fostering or adopting children. Good for them. The media indicates that it was "targeted" at gays, and that might have been a primary concern for the voters, but I think it's also great that it applies to heterosexual couples. Marriage is more than a piece of paper. Shacking up or playing house does not make a marriage. In fact, every study shows that it is far more likely to fail, even if the couple does end up married after a time. It's a commitment before God and the state, and children deserve a real family. I applaud single people who foster and adopt - our boys' foster mother was single, and she clearly did an awesome job with them. Many people want to help children even though they haven't found a spouse. But unmarried "partnership" is not normal and healthy and safe for children.


"Two animal-welfare measures passed -- a ban on dog racing in Massachusetts, and a proposition in California that outlaws cramped cages for egg-laying chickens."

Well, I'm certainly relieved. I've been up all night worried about those chickens.

Now look, I don't support animal cruelty. Human rights and kindness to animals are not mutually exclusive. Far from it, they are both very biblical. So it baffles me that people who see dignity in animal and plant life do not extend the same sympathy to unborn humans.

To raise awareness, I'm staging an event. Come on over to the house tonight and watch Daisy and Maggie chase a chicken around the back yard.

(You either gotta laugh or cry, foks.)

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La Familia said...

The bit about your dogs cracks me up! I don't understand it either. I guess what it comes down to is loving animals is not as self-sacrificing as loving a human child. Of course there are 2 kinds of pro choicers. There are those who don't think that a developing embryo is a child and then there are those who know it is a child and want it to be killed anyways. It's easier to convert the former and it's scary to think of the latter folk, Obama included.