Friday, July 6, 2007

Phoning it in

So, I just noticed that I've been phoning it in this week! Daddio has posted, but my contributions have been slim! Sorry. I've had a lot on my mind, and tons of things to do.

Lets see, getting our laundry back in order from vacation, getting back to schooling (continue the Llama testing on Bubba), adjusting the new (used) desks for the boys, moving my bedroom around (again), and going up to work on Wednesday... and getting organized for tonight. Granted all I'm doing is bringing food (for the homeschool potluck), but I had to put together the meal schedule for what the other families are to bring, do my own shopping (just picking out what I was going to cook turned into an all day exercise of thinking), and just mentally getting into the right frame of mind. Unfortunately, today has not gone as planned... this morning was First Friday Mass (we, the homeschool group, attend Mass on first and third Friday together) and I over slept! So no go on the Mass for us. The reason, I think it is all linked to allergies. I keep needing to take allergy meds, and they make me fiercely tired... and add to that tons of aches and pains! I'm GETTING OLD!

To continue in the tradition of this week, and phoning it in...
*Check out Blessed Among Men, and her great post on Poverty of Spirit. She articulates perfectly how I feel about this matter!

*Send some prayers the way of 4andCounting. For continued joy of their blessing that is coming, but the struggles that surround their lives with friends/family/jobs.

*Continued prayers for a friend and her husband, as he undergoes neurosurgery tomorrow.

*For the love of mothering, spend some time with Coffee And Diapers!

*Do you need help preparing the family for Mass? Check out Castle of the Immaculate for some great tips.

Now go and check them out!

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4andcounting said...

Thanks for the linky love. I was hoping to make it to Adoration alone today, but that did not happen. I guess I will have to carve out some prayer time here at the house. Have a great weekend!