Monday, July 16, 2007

A date... a date.... a date

After nearly 7 months, Daddio and I went out on a date... ALONE! The last date landed me in the doctor's office with a busted up ankle due to me poor walking skills, but this one went off without a hitch.

We dined at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, and headed over to a cineplex to catch an evening flick... Ocean's 13. The movie rocked! I can't remember the last time I laughed that hard... it has definitely been a while. Oh, and before the movie we grabbed a frozen espresso dessert at the Haagen Daz stand... holy smokes, it was freakin' awesome!

Nice things about going out to dinner with your husband, only. I don't have to remind him to keep his lips closed when he chews, only he is eating off my plate (instead of he + 3), getting a table doesn't take nearly as long for 2 instead of 5, there's no crying when you look down and all the food is gone from your plate (this would be Bubba, the poor kid never thinks he's full), and last but not least.... we can stay out late and not suffer the consequences of 3 kids past their normal bedtime! Yippee for DATES!


underthewillow said...

I'm glad you two had fun! One of these days we need to coordinate and double date! :)

4andcounting said...

Yea for dates. I think ours will be happening with less frequency in the future, as I can no longer be so cheap when it comes to babysitters. Adding to the number of children has to affect the rate at some point I suppose. :)

MommaLlama said...

4andCounting... in 3 years we haven't found a sitter we were happy with, so all our dates hinge on if we can have a grandparent watch them at our house for us (that's why it has been 6+ months). It just happened that my MIL was available so we took her up on her offer.

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