Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bubba would like to say hello

(Bubba is dictating while I (Daddio) type.)

Daddy took a picture of a wasp. A wasp can sting you.

Happy Fathers Day! We love Mommy and Daddy.

I wish we could ride bikes but it keeps raining. Maybe we can play in the front yard when it's not raining.

I am doing good in school. I have been reading Bob books. My favorite one is the one with Mat.

We went to the beach. We went boogie boarding and we brought the yellow space shuttle and the blue car and the buckets and the shovels to play with in the sand. We went to the swimming pool. I am a good swimmer. We had bananas and cookies and granola bars and pizza and spaghetti and we had root beer floats. We went to a restaurant and had french fries and shrimp and bread and ketchup too. We got to drink lemonade. The trip in the car was fun. It took a long time. We ate pretzels and sandwiches and then we had to take a nap, and then we had more pretzels after nap time.

Andrew is going to type now:

i love daddy
mommy too
my brothers too
i like my friends

I love my godmother. We should see them again.

I like this picture. I am kicking my feet. My head is underwater because that's how I want to do it.


Matilda said...

Wow. It sounds like you really like to eat big guy! I guess it is a good thing your mommy and daddy are such great cooks! Have a happy 4th of July kiddos!

littlebit said...

Bubba, it was so good to hear from you! It sounds like you had a blast at the beach! I was so impressed at your swimming ability, already putting your head under the water! Your blog was a great blessing in my day. Godson, I love you!