Wednesday, March 22, 2006

We are on a business trip

Well we are currently nearing the end of our first family business trip. Andy did business in Missouri this morinng while the boys and I swam in the hotel pool. Okay... we realized another milestone while swimming, Andrew and Anthony can touch the bottom in shallow 3ft end. I couldn't believe it! They are getting so tall. Right now they still need to be on their toes to keep their mouths out of the water, but my guess by the time we are in regular swimming season they will be flat footed.

More about the business trip...

The boys are doing really well. Fortunately three car seats fit across the back of the company car, so our gas was taken care of and no new miles were put on the Suburban. And of course, the boys were freakin' thrilled to be riding in the company car. So doing the trip we regularly heard things like...

  • Not right now I'm workin' (by the boys)
  • We're on a business trip, we're on a business trip, we're on a business trip....
  • I like the work car
  • You gotta have smunchies when we are on a business trip
  • Pass the pretzels!

Tomorrow we are visiting Our Lady of the Snows... always to get in some pilgrimidging done while you are out and about. Then we will be headed back to the ole' ranch around lunch tomorrow... 10 hour car trip... oh YEAH!

Back in the Saddle Again :-)

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