Monday, March 27, 2006

Last week's business trip

Okay I have a few more thoughts from the trip we took last week.

Here is something I saw that made me laugh... "Molly Brown's Amish Furniture & FIREWORKS", it might just me but I cracked up laughing. I mean... when you think of Amish Furniture you always think of fireworks...

Sometimes Austin plays things 'for real, for fake'. I know, scratch you head and wonder what in the world that could mean. Well, take for instance while we were at the Shrine and the kids were on the playground. There was a little playhouse that had a bench inside. There he sat pretending he was in a train and that the train was going. The place he was sitting was REAL, but the activity was all in his head... he is a special one :-).

Some other notable Snookie-isms from the trip:

  • "I'm going to STIT STILL"
  • "I'm stirsty"

Honestly I can't remember things that were as funny before we had kids, and the stuff we hear and see our kids do now that we have them.

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