Thursday, March 16, 2006

Watch them as they grow

The boys are now caring for something of their own. No it isn't a pet, it's a plant. Last weekend we went to a nursery and let them (guided of course for proper climate) pick a plant that would be theirs tocare for. And boy oh boy did they have fun picking plants that they liked. Bobcat picked Marigolds, Bubba picked some odd but cool tropical palm, and Snookie chose Geraniums (sp?). When we got home, with my help they each got to plant their flowers in the pots... what fun was that :-). Bobcat did a great job and was so gentle with each of his little marigolds. Andrew helped out pounding on the plastic container to get his palm out... well, Snookie, he tried to help but the call of the front yard was too much for him to bear! That kid just needs to run around sometimes and there is no gettin' in his way.

So now either before lunch, or after nap time we all trot out to the front yard and water our plants.

They take pride in watching them grow and know that they had a hand in the success of that plant. Which I guess isn't too different than the way I feel about them as I watch them, teach them, feed them, and love them!

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