Saturday, March 11, 2006

Little sayings

These are just a few little sayings that boys use regularly that are pretty funny... at least to me their mom!

Snookie (age 3)

  • I loves you, Mommy
  • Stop it HAND, you are bad
  • The CLAW, Grrrrrr
  • MY NAME IS (insert anything that strikes his fancy)!
  • No comprendo!?!

Bubba (age 4)

  • How did you do that for?
  • I'm hungry (this is a pretty regular thought for him)
  • Mommy can I stay with you (usually after nap time and he knows I'm cooking dinner)?
  • I want to sing the Texas Song... Deep in the Heart of Texas, clap clap clap.

Bobcat (age 5)

  • So, what are we going to do today that is going to be fun?
  • That would be cool, right?
  • I'm going to be a priest and drive a motorcycle (warms a mothers heart!).
  • Healing rain, comin' down (when he sings this song, it is GREAT)

Sometimes they are too cute for their own good!

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