Wednesday, February 1, 2006

From one day to the next...

Ahhhh sweet Monday is nothing but a distant memory now. Homeschooling went smoothly, he learned, Bubba got to hang out, and I was in utter amazement of his zeal for the material.

Tuesday he just couldn't focus, but we stopped went to something else then came back to the troubled part... and he pushed thru it.

Today, hump day, day of frustration and dispair (well not really, just a pain in the butt really)... today he heard the other two boys playing and he just shut down. We were nearly done, we had done so well up to that point, but he just decided that wanting to play was more important than getting the last two problems done. Of course we had to sit there and finish what we started, and then I let him up. Not to play mind you... nope to sit in the living room where he could here the boys, but could not play with them. Where he could here the crash of toys, but he could not play with them.... and there he had to wait for lunch.

NAP TIME here we come!

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