Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Some mornings your the bug, and others your the windshield!

Do you ever have that feeling in the morning right before you wake up.... that maybe this isn't going to be your morning. That was the distinct feeling I had this morning. But like any person has to do at some point when their kids are down the hall... I got up. And here are my thoughts:

I need to call for my fair freakin' godmother to swoop in and whisk me off to a far away place where I don't have to clean up a pee'ed in bed, a boy crying because I had to give him shower because he was perfectly content to be laying right in the middle of a pee'ed in bed, and then once he is out to be fussing about anything and everything that comes into his line of sight. Not to mention I haven't even gotten to the part where I have to homeschool... and the way the morning is shaping up I think I would best advised to close the door and crawl back under the covers. The whole while I haven't raised my freakin voice only because the pain in my head is so great that I am certain that if I do that my eye balls will shoot out of my face, blood with rush from my ears and my hair will stand on end.

And my friends it is only 9:20 am...

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