Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dressed down to my shoes

You know, it seems that there might be something to this theory that FlyLady has. I did what the recommended this morning, I got out of bed, got ready including putting on my shoes (even though I wasn't planning on going anywhere for a couple of hours)... and I do feel like I have had more energy throughout the day so far (of course it is only 1:15, I could crash soon...).

My kids thought it was kind of weird, and immediately asked where we were going, if I was going to take them with or was someone coming over to watch them... much to their disappointment I had to inform them that we wouldn't be doing anything till well after breakfast.

On the homeschooling front, I have rearranged Bobcat's homeschooling time to see if we can have more success and a better attitude. I now have them eat lunch a little earlier, and go down for their nap a little earlier. Then at 2:00 I get Bobcat and Bubba up (they are in the same room), and we do homeschool after a quick snack. Bubba seems to having fun with the idea of school, of course all he is really doing is working on puzzles, looking at books, or coloring at the desk with Bobcat. The main thinking for me to include him in this is the fact that in August/September it will be time for him to start kindergarten with me and I want him to be more comfortable about the idea of focused time... unlike the frustrations that Anthony had (and still has to an extent) with the concept of homeschooling. Already in the two days that I did it, it seemed to go well. Plus this gives Austin a little more time down, with the house quiet... which based on his recent fussiness seems to be warranted!

As I write about our homeschool schedule it really does make me so happy that they are home with me. I mean, it is weird to think that I could in theory be sending them off at the end of summer and only spend time with them in the late afternoon. We do so much during the day that it would totally break my heart for them to be away from me for so long. Sure, like any family we have our frustrating times when we could all use a break from each other, but not enough to warrant them being sent away all day on someone else's schedule. And reading more and more about our future with homeschooling I so look forward to having a close relationship with them. The issues and concepts that I am solely responsible for teaching them is vast, but it is my job... my vocation. We are called to be the primary educators of our children, and with sending them away you begin to loose that role in your childs life... simply because of timing. Ahhh, my boys are special to me, and I can't wait to give them the tools they need to be wonderful men that grow to love and serve the Lord.

Well, as fun and refreshing it is to step away from laundry (the one chore I HATE)... the buzzer is a callin'!!!

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