Sunday, February 26, 2006

Friday morning

Here's a recap of our morning:

Bobcat was kind of fussy at home school, not sure why... just was, then he kept messing with his shirt... so I took it off him. He was mad that I did that (mostly because he was cold), but I kept telling him (every freakin' day) not to mess with it so much. Finally on the very last thing we did I let him put it back and prove to me he can sit there and do his work with it on. So from now on that is what I will do. I don't have all morning to screw around with him. He would get to go just stand in time out during real school or go lay down for half an hour. So for most infractions he will not be able to get up and leave the desk at home (of course certain situations will warrant that type of disipline...), but removing the 'distraction' seemed to work this time. Also he finished Vol. 1 Phonics, so we are moving on to our Vol. 2 (a little behind sechedule, but for him we are making great progress and by May we will be all caught up on that). We finished our individual letters in our Handwriting book, and only have numbers, and missing letter pages to finish up with. In Math we have moved on to money. Pennies today, with combinations and an introduction to the look of nickels, dimes, and quarters. It is kind of hard for him to see the difference on the pages, so I will pull out my change purse of the sequence/pattern pages and lay out the real money so it is more accurate.

Snookie lost the last bite of his hot dog (in a bun) because he put two MASSIVE bites in his mouth at the end, after being told repeatedly that you take a bite and not take another until the food in your mouth was gone. The genius never saw it coming... Not happiness.

Bobcat got in trouble and will be seperated from the boys for the rest of the day. He smacked Snookie on the back because... wait for it... Snookie 'ate his fake food'. FAKE FOOD, why is it so devasting if your brother eats your fake food... make more FAKE FOOD. This is something that has been going on for a while. Someone has something for FAKE, and someone eats it or takes it FOR FAKE and crying usually ensues. They are so weird, if it is fake, then it happened for fake... but when they are playing 'for fake' it is so FREAKIN' REAL to them. So he can't be nice to the boys, he won't get to play with them today.

On a funny side note: Yesterday we went and met Daddio for lunch, and as we are waiting for him to come down to the car Snookie starts to whine. Why??? Well here is what he said "my head keeps going over there (to the left), but I want it to go over here (to the right)". How do you respond to something like that... HONEY, IT IS YOUR HEAD YOU CAN MAKE IT GO WHERE EVER YOU WANT... sometimes I really wonder about that kid, bless his little heart.

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