Monday, February 20, 2006

Week from hell!

Okay, I bore (or horrify) with the details of last week. I will only say that homeschooling was completely crappy due to Bobcat's complete lack of focus, no motivation and crappy attitude.

Thankfully today was a ray of sunshine... even though outside is completely gloomy, cold, and misty/sleety. We did our grocery shopping (I came in under budget, yeah for me), homeschooling was easy breezy, and lunch was tasty and healthy. What more can a mom ask for? Hopefully tomorrow will be at least half as good as today.

On a near completion front... we only have 23 pages left in our handwritting book... woohoo. I feel so good knowing we are nearing the end of something that we started. Plus I will have the opportunity to shop around for a new one for him to work on every now and again till it is time for his first grade curriculum comes in!! Ahhhhh, sigh of relief. Math is moving forward... and I think we had a break thru with tally marks today. He seems to finally understand the whole concept of a grouping of 5 and how to move on from there. Thank goodness because I was starting to run out of ideas on how to go about teaching it. Phonics was much smoother today. Not that he has any trouble with phonics... it is just that one page at the end of a lesson that has rhyming words. He just wants to shut down. I understand that the concept takes a while for some kids to get, but the meer sight of the page usually brings him to tears... but not today. We went thru it, doing the written part and I tried to make the rhyming part as fun as I could. Boy when we finished that page, I was HAPPY!

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