Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday... moving on to Thursday

I really thought this week was going to better... apparently that just isn't completely in the cards for me right now. Sure Monday went well, and Tuesday was okay, but come Wednesday all hell broke loose again. The problem wasn't from homeschooling (thank goodness), but more from my own body. I just like absolute crap. I had taken an allergy pill the night before for a stuffy head and woke up ten times worse yesterday morning... that is when I finally was able to clear the fog from my brain. It was as if I had been up all night the night before drinking and partying... not a happy feeling. We skipped homeschool for the day. I knew if I attempted it with him and he lost his focus that I would have a hard time controling my own temper... sometimes you gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em. And then to top of the painful day was an excruciating agrument with dear hubby. Of course which ended in a stale mate... only because the phone rang (for him) and I simply lost the will to continue.

Today has been somewhat better. Have we solved the arguement from last night, no!!! Do I think we will... not really. He doesn't really see where I'm coming from, and can't seem to build a bridge to get there. And of course he thinks I'm a loon... which isn't anything new. So we will be good to go for another few months, and I will decide I can't keep biting my tongue... after 5 years of marriage that is just the pattern. It has to happen... thankfully it isn't that often.

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