Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ribbit, ribbit

I'm at it again :-)

A birthday is just around the corner for a special boy, and I wanted to make something for him... but what to make? Pinterest and my favorite sites to the rescue! Check this adorable frog!
Naturally, because I just can't leave well enough alone, I made a few changes as I went along :-) (hey, that's just how I roll). My changes including making the feet and hands a little larger when I cut the pattern out. This was to accommodate the addition stitches I wanted to add for a webbed foot look. Once I turned the frog right side out and stuffed the feet and hands with fiberfill then stitched in the fingers/toes. For the stuffing there is a combination of plastic beans and fiberfill. I wanted him to be softer for the little guy! And for the eyes I made ribbon loops that I attached VERY securely. If I were making it for an older child I would have kept with their recommendation of cute beads, but I just want the possible choking hazard for our little godson!

Isn't he super cute! Here's another picture of the finished project... Oh he's just scrumptious!



Beaver said...

Love it. I have a hard time following directions, too, when it's so obvious that the product could be *that much better* my way. :) Your frog turned out so well that he reminds me of the little guy that attaches himself to our back door most nights. As Elsie would say, "Ricket, ricket." :)

Elizabeth said...

Very cute! Love the ribbon eyes idea. As far as my pillow case goes....I have a serious case of rage against the machine right now. As I sat down to stitch it up real quick like, the machine started acting up again! This time the top stitches arent locking so it just looks like one long line of thread on top. Sigh. Will I ever be able to just sit down and sew something from start to finsih without any problems from the machine? Of course I will take it over to the Singer shop and they will diagnose me as the problem as they did the last time I took it in. :-)

MommaLlama said...

Elizabeth, it sounds like you bobbin is catching.

I'm sure you've already done this... but... take out the bobbin, and the thread, then re-thread and re-engage your bobbin.

And don't feel bad, I made second even better frog... until I realized (when the whole thing was completed) that one fabric I used had started to fray and left a hole in the side of the leg that couldn't be repaired. I was pretty mad (that the nice way to put it :-).

Elizabeth said...

You know, I had a funny feeling it's bobbin too because that's the only thing I changed between the project where it was sewing great and the pillowcase. I took the bobbing out to see if it had enough thread in 3/4 empty so I put it back and that's when I started having troubles. I will try to put a full bobbin in to see if that will help.

MommaLlama said...

You shouldn't need a new bobbin... Just make sure to re-thread it (where you pull it up under the pressed foot by dropping you needle down once).