Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't run with scissors

Today as I was going through my new Pinterest account I wound up finding a few new things that I really wanted to try!

I saw this really cute bias tape purse from the Purl Bee (love, love, love that site!) and thought that it would be the perfect little bag to hold my large sewing scissors. They are usually just tossed into the bin that holds my machine. I used to keep them in a plastic back along with all the other bits and pieces I always need when I'm sew, but they were always punching holes in the corners and stuff would fall the the bottom of the bin... annoying... Anyway, I saw the post and thought that I could alter it just slightly and it would be the perfect bag for my need.

So here's my new little bag:

If you clicked over to the pattern you will see that I went with a more quilt style look with two of my favorite fabrics. Naturally I reversed the pattern on the back :-)!

I was shocked that I actually got it to line up, I was fully expecting it not to... and I had already decided I was going to be okay with that!

The other major changed I made was that I lined it with a fusible interfacing and then brown fabric. I want it to be sturdy so that nothing would poke through the fabrics or the seams!

It did take me a little while, oh about an hour or so... had I stuck to the original pattern it would have been a simple 20 minute project! For those who don't have a lot of experience, this was a really simply pattern to read and follow (and alter!). Give it a shot, it is worth it!


Elizabeth said...

I'm astounded. What am I doing that it would take me days to finish a project like that? How long have you been sewing? You should rename your blog...Interface:-) Seriously though, it turned out ver cute and I'm glad I linked you to the purl bee. It is lovely over there isn't it?

MommaLlama said...

That's a great name for a blog... Maybe a should start a second blog for crafting ;). I've had my machine for 10 years. Over the years I've learned that while I dislike mistakes (and seam ripping) I'm going to make them... so why not go ahead and try to make whatever it is and hope for the best. You get better with each project, you get faster, and you can see opportunities for alterations... Much like cooking!

nicole said...

I'm going to find you on Pinterest! I usually don't pin crafty stuff b/c I have no intention of doing it! ;) But I like to look at others.