Monday, May 23, 2011

Speaking of VACATION!!!!

Vacation, what's there to say other than I LOVE VACATION! Our family loves the beach, we go every year, and every year we love it even more than the year before which is pretty darn extraordinary! This year we switched it up a little and headed to a new island... South Padre. The drive was just a little longer, but it was definitely worth it. The water was amazingly blue, the sea weed was scarce, and the temperature both in the water and out was perfection!

We rented a house for a week, as is our custom... it was a real beauty, in a neighborhood straight from the movies, just breath taking. There is something to be said for a gated community with a security guard and noise rules! Plus we had a private boardwalk down to the sand, on an area of the beach that DID NOT allow car access! This was by far the closest walk we've ever had as well. Need to run back to the house for something... less than five minutes door to sand... AWESOME!

So what do we do for 8 days and 7 nights????

A little of this-
A lot of that-
Practice our ninja jumps...
Mom and Dad hang out in the shade...
Oh look, two lovely ladies (Olive you look great with only a handful of weeks before the bundle arrives!)...
Oh, and the sand castles... lots of building this year!
My guys down at the jetty...
How could you resist a dolphin cruise... and a one week old baby!
Land ho!
Right across the road from our neighborhood was the Sea Turtle rescue and hospital!
It was an amazing trip, the food was awesome, it was an unbelievably large house (sleeps 14), and all of our friends and family who came to spend time with us and experience our kind of vacation seemed to have a great time!

Till next year...

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Elizabeth said...

We had a blast too! I'm SOOO glad you loved SPI! If were stil close by we want you to come and visit us if you can at our house...perhaps on your way back. Thanks for the great experience.