Wednesday, February 17, 2010

These 40 days!

For weeks now I've been looking through my stuff, my friends' blogs, other crafty Catholic blogs, but simply hadn't found that THING that I really wanted to do with the kids. I wanted something that was a scripture study... something marrying the Old Testament to the New Testament...

Tuesday morning I had all but given up finding something that would do just that. All my usual crafty go-to's just didn't have exactly what I was looking for... and I feared that with such little time I would have to try and make it up all myself, or just not have one big thing... but a series of little things to fill our Lenten journey.

Then, I FOUND IT!!!! A Lenten Cross... very similar in concept to the Jesse Tree we do! With 40 cards needing to be made, along with finding symbols... I had to think and work more quickly than I prefer... but I managed to get the bones of it done this afternoon! Over the next few days I hope to add some character to it... I have no idea what that might be... but at least we can begin our journey through the readings while building our cross.

For those who might be wondering the logistics of our project... I set this up on a tri-fold project board. It wasn't the perfect size... not quite tall enough, but it really was the best I could do with the time issue. Each card is a 3x5 note card that I covered with scrap paper. Most of the symbols I was able to find stickers for, the rest I created my own stickers with art I found online (there are 2 hand drawn items because I wasn't pleased with anything I did find). Each card is attached to the board with velco dots (they already come with a sticky side, YAY!), there is a set of 40 dots on the cross and 40 outside! The above picture is what it will look like at the end of the 40 days... the cards are now affixed to the outer dots and will be moved onto the cross on their appropriate day! The hole in the paperwork says to put an image of the crucified Christ... but I'm kind of thinking of finding a great Risen Christ to put on their for Easter! I'm not real worried about that at the moment, though. Oh, and as you can see from the center... I did paint the image of a cross onto the board!

And now... I'm zonked... between the above project, Bubba's breathing treatments (his asthma is flaring up... Olive say a little prayer for your godson!), Daddio being on a business trip, mass, and the start of the Lenten cleaning... I've had enough fun for one day :-).


nicole said...

Monster's respiratory issues have been flaring up too (never diagnosed with full-blown asthma). We've made good use of the nebulizer lately.

Elizabeth said...

That looks great! I hope to do something like that for next year. I think you can actually carry this into the easter season as well. I will pray for Bubba but I hope he's already on the mend.