Thursday, February 25, 2010


"Mommy, those cars are synonyms!"

Um... I scratch my head, really confused. Did I just hear him right, granted I do have a blaring headache, but I swear I just heard him say that two objects were synonyms...

"Snooker, what did you just say?"

He repeats slightly exasperated that he is being asked again, "Mommy, look at them... those two cars, they are synonyms."

Okay... what he is pointing out are two cars that are the same make, model and color... only differences... the wheels.

Alright, can anyone guess what his Language Lessons have been on lately... clearly we need to have another talk about what exactly a synonym is and what things are actually just SIMILAR!

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nicole said...

I would just be excited he used the word 'synonym' in a sentence! ;)