Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do you know...

who "Mr. Civil Rights" is?

I love homeschooling because it seems everyday I learn something that I had no idea about... things that were completely left out of my education... more often than not, my historical education. Take yesterday for example, Bobcat was reading from his reading comprehension book about a Mr. Alexander Pierre Tureaud (pronounced to-row). As he begins reading, Bobcat tells me that this man was born in New Orleans and was a great civil rights leader... hmmm, really? That name doesn't really ring a bell. I don't remember hearing about him in high school history... come to think of it, I don't remember hearing about him in my early history in my own home state of La. (although we did move here after 3rd grade, I can't really remember if we talked about civil rights by that point).

Now if you click on the link in the previous paragraph you will only get a small portion of this man's life. What they don't tell you was that he was a cradle Catholic, family vacations were spent traveling to important religious and historical venues of our faith, and was an officer of the Knights of Saint Peter Claver (in 1971 he received the Gold Medal from the Knights for his tireless work for equality). During a visit to Rome in 1964, he was honored with a meeting with Pope Paul VI.

As a mother of children with an African American heritage... I'm always so pleased to find wonderful men and women who exemplify our faith and are great role models to look up to!

So to answer the question... who was dubbed "Mr. Civil Rights"? A.P. Tureaud, I had no idea... but am so pleased we've finally been introduced!

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