Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Alright, now that we've hit #900 posts here at the barnyard (holy canoli)... let's talk shop!

Homeschooling to be exact... I, um, have this thing, um, for... organization. It is an illness that I fully admit too... and there is probably a 12 step program I should join! But I digress. Every year I go out in search of the perfect planner/organizer thing-a-majig... only to come home with something I only partially like, or completely emptied handed and in need of a strong drink. Last year I decided to just create one on my own, spreadsheet style... but to be honest it was left lacking in a way that I just couldn't put my finger on. Then comes this year. Now life is even more, um, unpredictable with a baby in house (and the situation still so far up in the air, we simply don't know what our life will look like any given week)... and again I went in search of a planner/organizer in which to run my schooling, but this time I took to the internet... Because let's face it, with a baby in tow, it is difficult to hit all the stores in one day that we could before (in a reasonable amount of time).

Anyway... this brings me to what I found... Homeschool Tracker. (Oh, first I should point out that they in no way asked me to do this, or even know that I'm writing about their product.) I downloaded the free version to see if I even liked it. So far I'm totally digging it. It is a little time consuming when entering in certain assignments that don't necessarily follow a pattern (there is a great feature that can automatically set things in a certain incremental arrangement that is super handy and fast), but this really is no different when you having to do everything by hand.

If you are looking into trying something new this year, like having things on the computer (you can make print outs as well), and like keeping detailed records... I would check it out! Heck and it is free. There is a premium version for $49, but since I don't have to submit paperwork to the state and don't need a detailed transcript for college yet... the free one is perfect for my application.

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