Monday, August 10, 2009


That is the number of this post! How appropriate to say good-bye to his twenties before we roll over to such a large and round number! That's right, my young husband has now joined the ranks of the 30 somethings!

The 4th was spent with our boys, Bean, Daddio's mother and grandmother. While we were celebrating this momentous occasion, we were also remembering 5 years ago on this date when the boys spent the night with us the first time (what a way to spend your 25th birthday... with your new sons in the backyard on the slip and slide... oh, the memories).

So to my dearest husband... here's to 30 more!


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

Happy Birthday, Daddio! I know you had a great one!

nicole said...

Happy Birthday! I'll catch up to you in a couple of weeks.

La Familia said...

Happy Birthday Daddio! I'm sure it was a wonderful day as it probably didn't involve a circumcision. :-)