Saturday, August 1, 2009

5 years

August 1, 2004. Almost-a-Momma-Llama and I woke up in Indiana. We were there to attend the Big Fake Wedding. We got to the airport in Dayton, OH, at 6:30 AM, and sat on the runway for two hours before taking off, due to weather. Then we flew to Chicago O'Hare where we, of course, missed our connection. We got on standby for the next flight, and missed it. The next five were looking pretty unlikely as well. So we took a cab across town to Midway airport, and waited another couple hours to fly home. Pulled into the driveway around midnight, looked around our formerly huge and empty house, and went to bed. Didn't sleep a wink. Pulled out the photos for the millionth time. Tomorrow we would meet our boys for the first time!

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La Familia said...

Isn't it interesting the details one remembers about significant events? It's hard to believe it's been five years! You two are amazing parents and we love you and your boys dearly! (sorry for laughing at your description of the "fake" wedding). We've had a few of those in our family as well. No really, one relative had his best friend play the role of a priest.