Thursday, January 15, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow...

That's where I've been... at least that is where I wanted to be today. We had an arctic blast that blew through last night and with it came some sort of pollen that has taken its toll on me! I woke up congested, stopped up, and sporting a serious headache... which in my favorite turn for the morning wound being a migraine... oh the fun. We managed to finish about half our school work in the morning... the unassisted part. Then I went and layed in the tub... for I don't know how long while the boys watched a little movie (oh how I love using that sparingly so that when I need it, it works).

Thankfully, I'm back up and functioning at near 100%.

But I suppose that really doesn't explain my long absense this week from the blog. Well, I'm working on a little project, you see. Oh, is that clammering I hear? Do you want to know???

It's a reading list. Wow... exciting I know... but really it is a really fun project to work on. I've collected several 'list books' of children's literature and I've been pooring through them coming up with lists for the different levels. Along with my own personal use, I will be using it in a joint venture with a lovely friend of mine. NO, I can't tell you about said venture as of yet... the kinks are no where worked out... but hopefully in time you will be able to benefit from this!

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