Saturday, January 3, 2009

Feeling Resolute!

This has been the first year that we, as a family, put pen to paper and formed a Family Resolution! Each person picked a virtue of sorts to focus on, and few items to reach for. So for your reading pleasures...

Daddio: Self-Control
-Complete 2 more CPCU tests (a profession designation thingy for insurance people)
- Read more/watch less TV
-Undisclosed weight loss by birthday (look fly by August)

Momma: Gentleness
-Reorganize menus/recipes/grocery lists so that all are GF
-Read more
-Loss 10 lbs by my birthday (look a little more fly by March) (so far I've lost 12 since Sept)

Bobcat: Perseverance
-Work harder in school
-Read the New Testament Reading during family bible time (currently reads the Gospel for us)
-Learn to ride bike
(one handed handstand like Luke Skywalker)

Bubba: Obedience
-Read more books
-Learn more about space
-Read the Holy Gospel during family bible time
-Make First Holy Communion
-Learn to ride bike
(forward flip in the air... no hands)

Snookie: Patience
-Become a better reader
-Learn to ride bike

-Rosary: one decade daily, one full weekly
-Monthly Confession (we always fall just a little short on this one)
-Camp at a new state park
-Spend more time with a ministry

1 comment:

nicole said...

I like the sound of all of those. Very manageable without being overwhelming. Way to go on the weight loss MommaLlama!