Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Feeling TIRED!

Wow... while I posted on Saturday poor Daddio was either passed out in the bed or making another trip to the bathroom. Like some many out there, he came down with the dreaded stomach bug of horror! Thankfully the vomiting only lasted Saturday, and his fever subsided on Sunday (on Saturday it got all the way up to 103!).

Since then I've kept my eye on everyone, looking, watching, waiting for the first signs of illness... I personally have a very weak stomach when anyone else is sick and must try to contain any illness with as little clean up as possible due to my own mess making issues. Thankfully I feel that I was able to keep the house under quarantine, between high powered cleaners and clorox wipes I was able to keep everything clean, and no one else seems to have been affected by the plague!

With all of the cleaning (still, I know, I have issues with germs), I've worn myself flat out! Today, though is Wednesday, and I've specifically designed Wednesdays to contain very little or no activity outside of the house... which means I can take a nap while the boys take a nap without worry! Woohoo!


La Familia said...

The best naps are well-deserved within the walls of a very clean house. Can I nap at your house sometime?! :-)

nicole said...

I'm so glad the rest of you have avoided the illness. It is the worst. I hope the good health continues.