Sunday, January 25, 2009


I pledge... to watch this entire liberal Hollywood propaganda video without puking.

My favorite part: "To sell my obnoxious car and buy a hybrid."

Newsflash, dipstick. The guy who you sell your obnoxious car to is going to drive it. It will still be "obnoxious". And the hybrid you buy needs to be manufactured, which will consume additional scarce resources including lithium for its batteries. Meanwhile your old car is still out there. So now you've got two cars on the road. What do you want the new owner to do with it? Buy it from you and then park it in his garage forever? If you really want to worship Mother Earth, drive that Hummer until the wheels fall off. THEN, buy something smaller when its time to be replaced.

Just shut up and act, Hollywood people.


Kim said...

I'm giving you guys the Honest Scrap Award. You can pick it up on my blog.

La Familia said...

I'm sorry but I thought that the President was supposed to be a servant to the American people and not the other way around! This is sickening. I love the tripe about the children, as if they really care. I thought it was pretty hypocritical when they pledged to let the children dream big even if they come from a small place. The womb is a pretty small place, why can't those children dream big? And then of course they have to get crude and pledge to flush after a second poop and not the first. Sorry dude, but for every first poop you don't flush for I'm gonna flush twice just to make sure the bowl is clean. Oh, and I love your take about the hybrid car, hilarious!

Daddio said...

Not that I want to defend them, but I believe he meant to flush only after a "number two", and not a "number 1". If it's yellow let it mellow... Still disgusting, but perhaps a little less so than flushing every other "deuce".

So, hey, if you're on the computer again, we demand more baby pictures!!!

La Familia said...

My position still stands- I demand a clean bowl in my house. Pictures are slow in coming because I have no cells left at the end of the day to write anything close to coherent. (Please refer to my first comment above for proof.)