Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heads... who needs em?

So we were in the car and a motorcycle pulls out in front us a little ways up. The boys are always on the look out for a motorcycle, so this was exciting! Bobcat mentions that the man riding the bike isn't wearing a helmet, and wonders where it is. I, because I am a mom, said that "if you ride a motorcycle... you should always wear a helmet, it will help protect your head in case you fall or crash."

Snookie replies: "Well, he looks like he is being careful!"


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freddy said...

What is it with boys and motorcycles? My two-year-old picked up a toy motorcycle -- about 4 inches long -- grinned, made a "vroom" noise, lifted up his leg and shouted, "Ride!"

I kid you not, it took him at least 15 seconds to figure out that the thing was too small!