Friday, April 29, 2011

My precious...

Oh my dear sweet Sanity,

Hold fast dear friend. I know, the little one is doing all he can today to break us down. He has up-ed his game, he's brought out stuff from yester-year when he could really throw-down. I know, I know, he thinks we will crack before the beach... that we will get hauled off in the paddy wagon and left to graze on some far away hill where all the other mommies and sanity's have been sent when their little Snookers did just the same thing.

But dear Sanity, I beg you to maintain... I promise to reward you handsomely once we've reached our destination in just a handful of days. Just think, the one thing that you've waited months and months for... knowing how much better it is there, it shall be yours! OH the beer you will get to enjoy... hang tight, we will survive!

(I may be losing my mind...)

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nicole said...

Sorry. I hope things improve quickly.