Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just something different...

Last night Daddio hosted his men's group, Miles Christi, here. The group meets once a month, and rotate among their homes for the meetings... and this was the first time they all came to our home. I was thrilled to have these men over, I'm a sucker for hosting... it means I get to bake :-)!

And bake I did... banana nut bread and an apple caramel crumble cake thingy (super tasty).

But that isn't why I'm writing this post... I'm sharing this because of the men who came over. This group is made of husbands/fathers who are growing in their Catholic faith... doing the homework to be the husbands/fathers that God called them to be, and to me that is a beautiful thing. And it just so happens (not even on purpose) their wives all happen to homeschool in this group.

As each man arrived they made their way to the kitchen (where I was surviving up ice water... it was 97 degrees outside)... and every single one of them greeted me with generous complements on our home and the decor (which I thought was kind of funny, they all commented on the paint treatments). They all thanked me for preparing food, asked how I was, and even asked how the school year was going...

After joking around with them, I finished setting out all they would need, then I slipped off to my room to watch a little TV and work on a new project... I thought to myself just how lucky I was... how lucky their wives were. Here were these men... MEN... manly men... doing what they needed to do spiritually to be the head of their homes and arm themselves for their lives outside of the home... they weren't out at a bar watchin' the game, throwin back brewskies... no, they were here!

I'm a blessed woman for having a husband who loves me so much, and our boys are so lucky to have a dad they can look up to... a dad who is the kind of man that they can aspire to be one day!

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nicole said...

Travis has been going to a faith sharing group for seven years now. Okay, sometimes he gets off track (they meet at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesdays), but he still goes more than not over the course of a year. They are all at different stages in life but they all encourage each other. A couple of years ago they realized they wanted to bring their wives into their spiritual journey, so we started meeting as couples once a month. We're the youngest in the group, but not by much, and it is just fantastic. Our community is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. I hope we never have to leave.