Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thirty Something

That's me now... I'm officially thirty something! Last week I turned 31!

I've never been one to be hung up about age. It really didn't bother me when I turned 30, although I think I expected to feel different, to look in the mirror and see something... anything that would make me feel thirty... but nothing really. I kind of thought the same way about turning 31. Although I was sick (still am, stupid 2 month long sinus infection), I was certain I would look in the mirror and see a grown-up... I mean 31 is definitely a grown-up right?

What is weird is remembering what I thought about 30 or 30 somethings when I was in my early teens and even my early twenties. It always just seemed that they were so much older (not in a bad way... just older). Now that I'm here, and maybe it is just me... it just isn't what I expected. I suppose I thought it would be finding confidence in all things, feeling put together, having stuff figured out... hmmmm... turns out, at least for me... I really don't feel any different than I did in my twenties. Heck, I really don't look any different either (at least to me).

So, to some up my thought on now being thirty something... age is just a number! I guess all the things I thought would magically happen when I hit my thirties... either already happened earlier or I have yet to figure it out, but ultimately it had nothing to do with age!

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nicole said...

I kind of thought 30 was real adulthood. But I guess I was already living that. I still feel like I'm faking it most of the time though. ;) Happy birthday again.