Thursday, March 25, 2010


So, I thought I was doing 5K in 30 minutes. Turns out, it was more like 4K. Bummer. I measured out a full 5K circuit through our neighborhood on google maps, and it took me 36 minutes to complete on Tuesday. But it was pretty cold and windy that morning, and I was more tired and sore than usual. At least I went out, even if it wasn't very good. I was initially a little bummed at how slow I am, but I remembered that a few weeks ago I thought I might collapse after only 5 minutes, so I decided to just be happy that I made the distance. The speed will surely improve with practice. Also the new shoes need to be fully broken in, so I've got plenty of good excuses here. Did I mention that this route has more elevation change than I'm used to? ;) I did it in 33 minutes today.

30 minutes on race day would make me exceedingly happy, but I have realistic expectations. My real goal is simply to not come in last. I figure there will be enough walkers to accomplish that. I fully expect to get smoked by a bunch of 12-year-olds, but I'd like to beat at least one other man, one woman, and one old person. To not lose my age group would also be nice. (Evidently you can choose whether to be timed or un-timed. I assume anyone who elects to be timed will be putting forth some degree of effort, so if I actually do beat someone else, I'll be really impressed.) Let's hope there are some hares who burn out early so this tortoise can overtake them down the home stretch!

I've done amazingly well at fund raising. I hadn't really planned on doing any serious fundraising, I was just going to pay my entrance fee and maybe take the sign-up sheet they send you to my office and ask a few folks there to consider a small donation. But when you register online, you can set up a website for taking donations, and they create a sample email for you. So I sent that out to relatives, friends, and some coworkers. I know people hate being asked for money - I routinely ignore fundraisers from other people. So I set a nice low goal of $150 and sent out email solicitations. Well, that was blown out in a couple hours, so I bumped it to $500. I met that today, and bumped it once more to $750. Don't know if that's attainable, but my own managers have yet to contribute anything, and I'm fairly certain I can count on them for at least a few bucks. (Aren't you pretty much obligated as an overpaid manager to give $5 or $10 to your employee who's running for the battered women's shelter? Seriously, don't be a cheapskate...) A few others have said they will donate cash or checks instead of online. A couple more have said they'll get back to me after payday. So I'm really impressed by the response, and grateful.

If any of you readers would like to contribute, leave a comment and I'll get you the info. If you know my real name, you can search for me at this link.

Otherwise, just pray that I stay upright and don't embarrass myself.


Beaver said...

Don't worry about your speed. Race day is significantly different than running on your own. The surge of adrenalin will get you going faster than you thought possible. The only time I've ever run a 10-minute mile (outside of middle school) was one summer when I was back in FW and ran the Trinity 5000 (a series of 5ks on the river every Thursday night) and I ran it in 30.59, pretty much exactly a 10-minute mile. And the only reason is because I was trying to beat someone pushing a stroller. :) You'll do great. :)

nicole said...

Yeah, what the other comment said. Race day adrenaline will kick in, and remember you are really only racing against yourself.

I got your email, but we have to save every penny for Baby bills. :( So glad you are meeting your goals though.

In May, the KCs of ICC will host the Run for Life 5K. You just pay the registration fee, all money raised beyond costs goes to Loreto House. Also, Loreto House will be hosing a Hike for Life in the fall. The Hike for Life is geared towards families and is about walking more than running. The fundraising aspect of it is similar to the race you are doing for the women's shelter though. Just thought I'd let you know. :)