Saturday, March 20, 2010

Run, Forrest

I did't quit yet. I made it to 30 minutes which I estimate to be approximately 5K. I plan to run my first event on April 10th. I'm happy with myself for actually completing the whole program, and look forward to continuing. I feel that my long term weight goal is attainable, and I do feel more energetic throughout the day, even these last couple weeks which have been especially stressful at work. This was a good idea.

I got a modest bonus at work earlier this month, so I gave MommaLlama her "performance review" - she passed ;) - and we each took a little cash to do whatever we wanted with. I'm sure she'll post all about her new Cricut accessories.

I spent my allowance on a new pair of running shoes today. I figured some new gear would keep me motivated. And I'd been holding off spending any money until I was satisfied that I had actually stuck with the plan. So, a little reward. The new shoes weigh about half as much as my old shoes, they fit amazingly well, and are nice and cushy, yet supportive. They're also too expensive... I'll keep my eyes open for this same brand and model number on sale at some shoe outlet type place next time. But I wanted to visit an actual running store and be fitted by someone who knew what they were doing, and I think they deserve the business this time, for the good service. I also grabbed a new shirt from the clearance rack. And a reflective vest, as all my running is early in the morning on roads. Not busy roads, but I figure those people who have just left their houses and not had their coffee and already fiddling with their blackberries probably aren't watching for joggers. And the sidewalks are not as smooth as the road, so that guy who flashed his light at me last week should just chill, I'm not taking up too much room. Anyway, no more kid's blinky bicycle light stuck to my waistband.


Beaver said...

Congrats on the new shoes--they will definitely be worth the money. After I was fitted the first time, I went wore the same shoe for the next couple of purchases.

If you're running in the early morning, I wouldn't put the blinky bicycle light away just yet, particularly while it's still dark in the a.m. It's still something that lights up before the headlights hit you, so it's an added safety factor.

Good luck with your 5K on April 10!

nicole said...

Yea for success! Travis got his second pair of running shoes at the same store he got his first ones, but was lucky enough to get last year's model for a discount. I'm due for some new shoes, but will wait until after baby is born and I'm getting back on the exercise train. Good luck on the 10th!

Elizabeth said...

My mom got all the cricut gear. The only person using it right now is pigeon. Do you like it?