Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School

Today was our first official day of school... and it went surprisingly well. Seen in the previous post... we weren't sure if our real boys would show up, or the sadly misbehaved impersonaters that have been hanging out if for the last week.

For this year we have created a new routine:
Up at 7:00 and head off to breakfast.
Get dressed - Uniforms.
Read the Gospel for the day.
Morning prayers.
Work on our school work.
Once school work is done, fold uniform up and put on play clothes.

Snookie is done first and is sent off to gather books to read.
Next Bubba finishes, and meets up with Snookie for reading time.
Then Bobcat finally is done, and reads while I get the school room transformed back into the gameroom, and make any last notes in my book that I need to.
Depending on the time, there is free time - play time.

Lunch time, then nap time.
After dinner Daddio works with Bobcat and Bubba on reading/flashcards/math. And Bobcat works with Daddio and me with his 1st communion prep (that will start in a week or two).


It's a full day, but so far so good.

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Be Inspired Always said...

Glad they had such a wonderful first day. They look excited to be there.