Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We're still alive ;-)

I know, I know... I've been away for a long time... a month really... I had my reasons! One, I've been really trying to decide whether or not to keep this up and running, or to let it die! I think I've decided, for now, to keep it up... but I don't really know how regular the posts will be. The fact is our life is busy and finding time to put a few sentences together... well, if that is a few minutes I can kick my feet up and watch a little news before my sweetie gets home in the evening (or finish dinner if that is still needing attention)... well that's going to win out. The problem with trying to write during school is the constant interruptions... I know, rude of the children, can't they see I'm busy :-)... and let's face it, the older we get the less we keep our thoughts on track when we've been interrupted for the up-tnth time about dropping the signal -e before adding -ly! Let me hear a 'what what' from all my homeschoolin' mommas!! Halla... Yes, I just wrote that... see what I mean ;)

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nicole said...

I'm glad you're going to keep at it for now. We've all had to adjust our schedules at times to accommodate the demands of real life, so no worries there.