Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Toys for Tots 5K (December 11)

(sorry, a saved post I never published!)

We did another race this morning... and had a great time. This time it was the Toys for Tots 5K... and it was a little more populated than our last event (and a lot more HILLY!!!!).

Drumroll please, bblblblblblblblblblblblblbllblbllblblblblblbl

Boys ages: 1-8
1st Place: Snooker - 29.59 (74th place overall)

Boys ages 9-10
1st Place: Bubba - 31.00.8 (90 overall) (that included a really nasty fall with lots of blood, and torn glove... but he soldiered on :-)
2nd Place: Bobcat - 31.02.3 (91 overall)

We are so happy for the boys! They made us proud, and swept the podium!!

As for Daddio and me...
Mens 30-34 (12 in age group)
8th Place: Daddio - 30.59.6 (89 overall) (Personal best, and managed to beat two of the three boys... that was one of his goals :-)

Womens 30-34 (15 in age group)
10th Place: Me - 39.39.9 (157th overall) (my personal best time and best overall pace, and I managed to attain my two goals once again... under 40 minutes, and not dead last... not only was I not dead last, I wasn't even the slowest in my age group... YEAH!)

The funny thing is Snooker could have gone a lot faster. He was up ahead of the boys, but kept turning around to keep tabs on them and make sure he was doing the right thing... he never broke out in his faster pace that we've seen from him when we run our normal weekly workout. That kid is a gazelle!

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