Thursday, January 7, 2010

Once every decade you might want a fireplace!

Good and blistery cold morning to all! It is a mild (ha ha ha) 23.9 degrees here (and dropping so they claim) with a lovely and cozy wind chill of 11 degrees! Sarcastic much... NEVER! Oh and the wind... a little breezy if you will... north winds at 20-30 mph, but hey by afternoon they will settle to around 15-25 mph... something to look forward to! We aren't even supposed to get above freezing till maybe Saturday, but most likely Sunday. Nice!

Here's the funny part... we live in TEXAS! This is not normal, and while I am not an alarmist by nature... everyone else is around here. Oh yes, people were standing in long lines at the grocery stores buying supplies (as per the ridiculous news story: water bottles and canned soup were the big ticket items!). To add to the stupid news stuff... they actually had a list of warnings:

  • layer clothes
  • coats

Right, because we as a society are so completely in dark as to what to do when we walk outside and feel the cold air against our skin... that we NEED TO BE TOLD TO WEAR A COAT! Nice!

Oh, here is the other fun fact for the day... tomorrow we will wake up to a low of somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-13 degrees, with a wind child of -3 or -4! First, that's COLD! Second once you get to zero do we really need to go down to negatives. Why can't we just say, "if you go out in this crap you might die!", I think that might be more effective :-). I mean that is how everyone is acting... might as well come out and say it.


nicole said...

Our schools are closed today! Crazy!

Elizabeth said...

LOL! Keep warm up there. Be sure you have your heater on, wear socks, don't stick your tongue on cold poles and be sure to scrape the ice off your windshield. Is there any other obvious advice I'm missing?

I've switched over to typepad. i'm gonna try to have my first post up by Fulton's birthday.