Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boring diet/exercise post

Most people keep their weight loss goals to themselves. If they fail, they feel foolish for having shared. And if they start to have some success, they are afraid to "jinx" their good fortune. But, as my wife pointed out yesterday, jinxes are for pagans. So I will go ahead and say it. I have walked and/or run almost two miles every morning for a week.

I had lost 25 lbs by last May purely from gluten free diet. But I have gained back 10 since then. I decided that the diet was a big help, and I probably would lose more again by just sticking to it better, but I will need some actual exercise as well to get to my long term goal. I am in my thirties after all... well, I'm only thirTY, she is almost in her thirTIES. ;)

Also, a book that my men's group studied recently has inpired me. It's called "Boys to Men: The Transforming Power of Virtue", and it draws heavily on the various scriptural references to running races, perseverence, endurance, etc. That, and the scale ticking back over 230 again, led me to get my act together.

I tried this before a couple years ago and it didn't stick. It hurt too much in my knees and shins. I'm pretty sure I overdid it. This time, I am attempting to train properly and gradually, following the "Couch Potato to 5K" regimen.

In fact, I started even slower than that, only 30 seconds running at a time. I read somewhere that if you get too winded to speak, then you're pushing too hard, and 30 seconds seemed to be my pathetic starting point. I want to be awesome right away, but I know it will take time to do it right and avoid pain and frustration. And, I don't want to be too over-exerted to say my morning prayers as I go. So, that's the plan.

I chose running because:

1) It's free

2) I want to be thin and have endurance, not bulk up for short bursts of physical strength (although I am going to throw in a few push-ups for good measure)

3) I'd like to get the boys into it, too. I'm not sure at what age track or cross-country type running begins in school, but I want to be in shape and bring them with me eventually. It would be fun, and a good way for us to begin our days together. Plus, I think track would be a good sport for them, because they are, and probably will remain, too small for football and basketball. (Although that Boykin dude was pretty fun to watch as the Mavs beat the Wizards last night.)

So, don't wish me luck - wishes are for pagans! - but pray for temperance and fortitude.


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

I'm not sure at what age track or cross-country type running begins in school, but I want to be in shape and bring them with me eventually.

The kids in my middle school ran track and middle school was 6-8th grade although some people today consider 6th grade elementary school.

Prayers for perseverance!

nicole said...

The Rivas family participated in track/cross country recently, I think. I bet your oldest is getting close to the right age.

I hope the running sticks. I miss doing it and am (mostly) looking forward to getting back into it after I have the baby.

If your pain persists, you might consider new shoes. Go to a running store and they will look at your stride, the wear on your shoe, etc. to pick the right one for you. Made a huge difference for Travis and his shin splints. Or you could talk to Doug about barefoot running!

Daddio said...

Ha, I'm not quite that hard core...

I do have better shoes this time, so far so good.

nicole said...

Oh yeah, I don't think diet/exercise posts are ever boring. I always like knowing what other people are doing in that area.