Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking the silence...

Well, that title is sort of misleading... Daddio has posted a few times... but over the last few weeks I've taken a blogging hiatus. It is has been nice, no writing, no reading... just taking care of other things in my life. Well, that and the notion that if don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all... and for the most part of the this month that is where I've been.

Life has been difficult! School has been tedious with the boys, one of dogs had to have surgery for mammary tumors and had issues getting back to good health post surgery... and I've been sick (no real surprise there with me and the start of a new year, oh and I fell and busted up my knee... also no real surprise for those who know me and know that body likes to knock out our family deductible right at the beginning of the year).

While things have been tough, I am definitely seeing light at the end of the tunnel... and so is the rest of the household. The boys are a lot more adjusted to our new schedule and routine, the dog is better, and while I still feel REALLY crummy (thanks to a sinus infection that won't go away and my ears still messing with now three weeks past appt.)... our vacation is now a real part of our future!

WHAT??? I'm already talking about summer vacation... oh heck yeah... I am READY!

Every January when we do our taxes, we plan out our vacation... for the past 6 glorious years we have spent our summer vaca in Port Aransas. We love it there, all of the houses we've rented have been lovely, the beach is lovely, it's never crowded... and we LOVE IT (did I mention that part)! It is the image of the beach that gets all of us through the final push of school! This year is certainly no exception.

This is also the time we explore new beach locations for our summer trip. So far, we always come back to Port A... this year we are feeling exceptionally adventurous though (well I won't speak for Daddio, but I am :-). I'm not going to give out the details just yet... but I look forward to sharing later on :-).

I'm a tease... I know :-).


nicole said...

What a way to start the year! Glad to hear all is settling back into routine. And I don't even want to talk about vacations, since we will not be going on one again. I'll just live vicariously through y'all.

Elizabeth said...

So, has a decision been made yet? I'm pretty sure by your post that you'll be headed to Alabama...or Maui. :-)

MommaLlama said...

Maui... ha ha ha... had Maui been an option with our tax money... um there would not have been a second thought :-). Honestly we have no idea just yet. Daddio had to email a couple of the houses to find out availability for the weeks that we want to go... we are still waiting to hear back from them!