Monday, December 21, 2009

Beer me a Nog!

Office fans will understand the title! If you're not a fan of The Office... well, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore... anyway...

This weekend we finally made a drink that we love... but always just buy from the store... EGGNOG. I seriously love this stuff. I'm addicted to it, really! While I'm fully aware (because Daddio reminds me every time I make a comment about nog) that it is a drink you sip gently... I would rather enjoy a tall frosty mug (as in my tall frosty beer mug I keep in the freezer) of the stuff!

Last year I wanted to make it from scratch but couldn't find a recipe that was for a small amount. I didn't want to waste all those ingredients to have it turn out terrible. This year, I finally found a recipe that makes one pitcher full (6-7 drinks it claims).

Saturday, after watching Food Network and some really tasty indulgences being prepared... we could hold back no longer... we leaped to the kitchen and bowls started flying...

When all was said and done... FREAKIN' AWESOME NOG!

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Elizabeth said...

I love me a good nog! As for The Office....I love it! We just started watching the series on Netflix and I'm sad to say that I can no longer enjoy the novelty of watching back to back episodes everynight with Daniel. I have to join the rest of the country in tuning in weekly. :-( I'm so hoping Holly and Michael will get together.