Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh how time flies...

Nine years ago... right about now, actually, I was arriving at the church to start preparing for one of the greatest days of my life. I had already had my hair and make-up done, and was beginning the process of getting all gussied up for my pictures.

(This shot is actually from this morning... this is only the second time in the nine years I've actually pulled it out of the bag and had a good look at it!)

I can remember being surprisingly calm that morning. There were no jitters or anything of the sort. Mostly I was just annoyed with the wedding coordinator from our church... she was a real pain. Although as the morning progressed, I was slightly concerned about the photographer... he was very ill that day (concerned he might ruin my dress due to his illness), and most of the shots were actually taken by his assistant.

By 11:30 my portion of pictures were done and I went back to the lounge to hang out and wait... and wait... around noon my aunt generously went and grabbed me a burger (I thought they would also check in on Daddio and grab him something too... sadly I found out when we were both kneeing during the ceremony no one got him anything).

Finally it got started! There were a few surprises during the ceremony... like the choir lady singing the Ave Maria when we thought it was going to be instrumental (while grandma's/mom's walking in), and some weird communion song that neither one of remember picking.

Finished up the mass, took more pictures... then off to the reception. That's when things got... WEIRD! The DJ didn't show, the wedding cake wasn't what I had picked out, oh, and neither was the food... the cake was fine, the inside was right... the food wasn't bad, just not the stuff I had picked... the DJ... that was enough to drive a poor bride into a little FRUSTRATION! Thankfully our car was already packed for the following day's drive to Houston... and we had our CD's with us (including the song we had chosen to dance to)... so the club just played our music piped through the house speakers.

We danced, we mingled, we took a few more pictures... and then we blew that popsicle stand!

Nine years ago we walked out young newly weds... nine years later we are livin' the life we had no idea we would be living, and loving every minute of it!


Charlotte (Matilda) said...

A great big "awwwwwwww"! That's so sweet!!!

You know what's funny... we had music problems too during the ceremony and at the reception. Our food was what my parents ordered but it was pretty terrible. We didn't get any of the cake except the top part that was saved for us. We ate it on our 1 month anniversary. It was OK.

Enjoy your celebration! See you tomorrow!

Elizabeth said...

I loved this post! You two were soooo young to be getting married. ;-) Congratulations! Love You! I'm so jealous that Charlotte gets to see you on the 17th. (Sigh). I miss you.

nicole said...

Happy Anniversary (again)! I didn't realize you had so many mishaps during the reception. So nice to see a picture of Fr. Bob. :)

MommaLlama said...

Elizabeth... you guys got married about 5 months after we did... and we're the same age :-)... so you guys got married young too :-).